The Bikes of NAHBS (You Can’t Live Without)

The bikes of NAHBS 2016 represent outstanding design, craftsmanship and artistry. Take a look at some of the coolest handmade bicycles, straight from the show aisles in Sacramento.

Arc Bicycle + 3D Printed

First Bicycle 3D Printed in Steel

The first bicycle 3-D printed in steel is the latest demonstration of an innovative system to affordably create large and complex metal structures.

Faraday Porteur e-bike

Dream Ride: Faraday Porteur E-Bike

Confession: The Faraday Porteur e-bike (above) knocked my eyes out when it debuted, and I was hardly alone. It attracted plenty of attention when it was…


Riding a Fat Bike on the Beach

There’s a huge fat bike craze going on, and a getaway to the shore seemed the perfect time to check out the ride on…