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Vision Zero Street Safety Map

New Tool to Map Street Safety Concerns

People who ride bicycles in New York City, sometimes along the same routes every day, are often on the front lines of observing  dangerous…

Elegant Solution to Worn-Out Tool Bag Straps

Look, if you’re pedaling in a pace line for hours on end, your eyes, which are strictly-speaking meant to look “through” the shoulders of…

Wheel Art

Easy DIY to Keep Your Tush Dry

A plume of muck shooting up the back of your pretty coat? Premium denim dampened by a splash? These can be (among the very…

riding citi bike in winter

6 Lessons from Extreme-Weather Citi Biking

It’s a measure of how well-integrated into the streets bike share has become that I sometimes forget we’re still in a season of firsts….

Sharrow Video Screenshot

How to Ride in a Sharrow

Sharrow. The linguistic mash-up of the words share and arrow, hardly rolls gracefully off the tongue. Nor are the meaning and purpose of this…

Bicycle Heart

Plan Your Best Bicycling Year Ever!

I’m back from a joyous holiday break shared with family and friends and I’m feeling super-energized about the new year. The flip of the…


Wet Bike Share Seat? No Problem

Bike share is all about spontaneity. The ability to undock a bicycle on a whim is a big part of this transportation option’s popularity….