How To

Elegant Solution to Worn-Out Tool Bag Straps

Look, if you’re pedaling in a pace line for hours on end, your eyes, which are strictly-speaking meant to look “through” the shoulders of…

Wheel Art

Easy DIY to Keep Your Tush Dry

A plume of muck shooting up the back of your pretty coat? Premium denim dampened by a splash? These can be (among the very…

riding citi bike in winter

6 Lessons from Extreme-Weather Citi Biking

It’s a measure of how well-integrated into the streets bike share has become that I sometimes forget we’re still in a season of firsts….

Sharrow Video Screenshot

How to Ride in a Sharrow

Sharrow. The linguistic mash-up of the words share and arrow, hardly rolls gracefully off the tongue. Nor are the meaning and purpose of this…

Bicycle Heart

Plan Your Best Bicycling Year Ever!

I’m back from a joyous holiday break shared with family and friends and I’m feeling super-energized about the new year. The flip of the…


Wet Bike Share Seat? No Problem

Bike share is all about spontaneity. The ability to undock a bicycle on a whim is a big part of this transportation option’s popularity….

Uniqlo Body Warmer

Bicycling Body Warmers at Bargain Price

When temperatures plunged into the basement this week, I jetted to Uniqulo to stock up on the Heattech turtle necks and tights I wear…

Slippery When Wet: Fall Cycling Safety

Ouch. A wipe-out on a bike ride last weekend, in which autumn leaves were complicit, was a timely, if bruising, reminder to slow down…