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Cycling in Central Park

Central Park Above 72nd St. Goes Car-Free

Central Park-loving bicyclists, walkers and skaters celebrate! Starting today, we can all enjoy a car free Central Park on the loop above 72nd Street…

Bicycle Commuter NYC

NYC Bicycle Commuting Rises to Highest Level

The city transportation department announced this week that NYC bicycle commuting rose 4 percent in 2014 over the previous year to an all-time high….

Bicycle Wheel Snow

Safe Cycling After the Storm

When winter snow begins to melt, it feels great to get outdoors on a bike. Spinning the pedals energizes both body and spirit. Just…

No Limits! Life Lessons from Rebecca Rusch

What’s that thing that makes your palms sweaty, that scares you a little bit? Something in your fitness routine, your job, your relationship? Rebecca…

Keep hands warm while cycling

How to Keep Hands Warm While Cycling

There’s nothing more invigorating than setting out on a bicycle on a clear, crisp morning. But, as the mercury drops, frigid fingers can quickly…

Easy Ways to Organize Cycling Gear

The French call the little leather trays (top left) vide-poche, which translates into “empty pocket.”  These are handy for depositing spare change, keys, receipts and…