Arc Bicycle + 3D Printed

First Bicycle 3D Printed in Steel

The first bicycle 3-D printed in steel is the latest demonstration of an innovative system to affordably create large and complex metal structures.

Balaclavas for Cycling

Freeze Play: Balaclavas in Colors and Patterns

While hardly style statements – Pussy Riot excepted – it’s hard to argue with the no-nonsense, pull-on practicality of balaclavas for cycling around the…

bicycle commuting holiday gifts

12 Holiday Gifts for Bicycle Commuters

Last year, red, in all its vibrancy, was the theme of my post on holiday gifts for bicycle commuters. My 2015 inspiration comes from…


6 Women’s Cycling Jackets to Wear Now

Before we dive into the deep freeze, there’s still plenty of autumn pedaling to enjoy. The common denominator for warmth, comfort and style on…

Faraday Porteur e-bike

Dream Ride: Faraday Porteur E-Bike

Confession: The Faraday Porteur e-bike (above) knocked my eyes out when it debuted, and I was hardly alone. It attracted plenty of attention when it was…


The Most Stylish Gear for Cycling Visibility

The end of  Daylight Saving Time is the perfect moment to rethink your urban cycling visibility. Definitely check those essential front and rear bike…