TReGo Trolley Expands Definition of Cargo Bike

TreGo Trolley for bikes

The word unique tends to be overused, but not when applied to a new product for hauling cargo around town by bike. The TReGo trolley is basically a hand truck that attaches to the front fork of your own bicycle, converting it to a cargo bike.

Here’s how it works: You remove the front wheel from your bike, snap the TReGo into the drop-outs and you’ve got a substantial carrying platform on your ride. Pile on bulky boxes, transport suitcases, bungee on a basket or bin for a trip to the market.

When you reach your destination, unhook the TReGO, extend its handle, and wheel your load along. Your bike stays behind propped up on a fold-down stand. (Watch the video below to see the TReGo in action.)

Cargo bikes are increasingly practical for everyday hauling of heavier loads in dense and congested city centers. They’re more easily maneuverable and less polluting than cars. The TReGo (pronounced Tray-go) trolley occupies its own space between cargo box bike and pull trailer. Its inventor, Ofir Yadan, an industrial designer and an avid cyclist, created the TReGo to expand the utility of an ordinary bike with a focus on innovative design, ease of storage and economy.  At $635 (early bird pricing on Kickstarter) this option is considerably less pricey than most cargo bikes.

As a city dweller myself, the hand trolley option seems logical and familiar. After all, many of us use wheeled shopping carts to run local errands on foot.

TreGO Trolley Market

TreGo Connector

Key to ease of use is a patented Fast-Connector that locks the TReGo into place.

TreGo Rolling

When it’s time to unhitch, the Fast-Connector folds down like a kickstand to prevent your dropouts from getting scratched on pavement. The hand cart makes it easy to roll your load along the sidewalk and into your home, workplace or other destination.

TreGo Trolley rolling

Two 16-inch wheels are articulated to corner with agility and smoothness, while maintaining stability of the load. Hydraulic disc brakes, great for urban cycling, lend stopping power.

With capacity that extends beyond baskets or panniers, the cargo platform can hold up to 50 pounds. A separate accessory enables the TReGo trolley to be towed behind the bike; this raises the load maximum to 88 pounds.

Yadan says the goals are to enable people to do more with their bikes and to encourage cycling for transportation. As traffic congestion in cities continues to grow, the TReGo is a unique solution.

Support TReGo on kickstarter.

Photos: TReGO

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    • Hi Lynda, thanks for reading and for your question. Your reasoning makes sense. However…since I have not test-ridden the TReGo, and we featured it as a cargo solution, I’d like to steer down a different road with two suggestions: One is an easy-boarding bike. This example is made by Biria. The low clearance makes it easy to mount and dismount, and it’s possible to put both feet down when stopped, a feature many novice riders appreciate. Another option is an adult tricycle, which not only provides a stable ride, but also ably carries cargo when equipped with a rear basket. I hope this helps and that you’ll get in some good riding this spring!

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