It’s Back! Our Ultimate Guide to Winter Cycling

Ultimate Guide to Winter Cycling

I love Anton Chekov’s observation that “in the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” It speaks at once to fortitude and joy, both of which are to be found in pedaling through the colder season in the city. That’s where our ultimate Guide to Winter Cycling comes in.

Continuing to ride, even on frigid days, tests one’s mettle, but also helps invigorate body and soul, and delivers the “I’ve got this” spirit that can ripple through the day.

Click the link below to discover how to get the most out of pedaling through cooler temperatures, early nights and changing road conditions — safely and in comfort. For instance:

❄︎ What fabrics keep you warmest while pedaling.

❄︎ Why you should brake twice in wet conditions.

❄︎ How following subway lines can improve cycling safety on icy days.

❄︎ When to adjust your tire pressure.

❄︎ What you should do the minute you get off your bike.

Our guide is essential reading to prepare your bike, your body and your cycling skills for whatever winter brings your way, no matter what your cycling level or style.

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