Martone Cycling Sunglasses Have A Surprise Inside

Martone Cycling Sunglasses
The new collection of Martone Cycling sunglasses merges high style with a thoughtful safety feature for urban pedaling.

What’s more essential to hot-weather pedaling around town than stylish sunnies? They not only shield your peepers from high-summer rays, but also from dust and particles kicked up by wind and traffic. To complement you look, from sporty to sultry, Lorenzo Martone, whose urban cycling style is always off the charts, has introduced Martone Cycling sunglasses.

Like his other city cycling accessories, the sunglasses, which come in three designs (top photo) and a variety of colors, are inspired by and complement Martone Cycling Co.’s line of upright diamond-frame, step-through and compact bicycles.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the lenses in this collaboration with luxe French maker Peter & May are flat, giving the collection an ultra modern, minimalist vibe. For cycling, there’s an added advantage to the styling: a semi-reflective coating on the inside of the lenses gives you the ability, in sunlight, to peep the rear view out of the corner of your eye.

“You get a glance of who is approaching from the left or the right,” Martone says of this safety plus.

Each of the 11 styles, ranging from $329 – $385, is named after a friend of Martone’s, and riffs on details of his bikes.

The architectural lines of the Anna sunglasses are inspired by the signature handlebar basket seen on Martone step-through models, including the new limited-edition Sweetzer.
Martone Cycling Sunglasses
The flair of the Laura browline sunglasses mimics the soft curve of the down tube of the new limited edition Diana Diamond bike.

Martone Cycling Sunglasses Launch velojoyMartone says the sunglasses, like his bicycles, are designed for unisex wear. For example, the proportion of the aviators (worn by Martone, right) registers well below the oversize ’70s-style scale often associated with this style.

Martone Cycling, which celebrated its third anniversary in April, continues to draw inspiration from the world of fashion and attracts a stylish following, including models and celebs. Martone’s aim, based on his own love of bicycling in cities: To place pedaling for transportation into the realm of a everyday urban living with simple and functional, yet distinctive, bikes. “More people see the value of adding biking to daily life,” Martone observes.

And with the new sunglasses the view grows ever more clear.

Some frames are available online now, others for preorder. Learn more at

Martone debuted the new accessories and bicycles at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City, where the fleet out front for guests’ use comprises Martone Gramercy bicycles (of course!)

Martone Cycling Sunglasses Collection

Martone Cycling Diana Bike

Martone Cycling Glasses Launch

Martone Bicycles Gramercy Park Hotel

Martone Bicycles Gramercy

Product photos: Martone Cycling, Launch photos: velojoy

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