Easy Helmet Hair Solution for Summer Cycling

Easy Helmet Hair Solution

When I’m just kicking around the city, or at the beach, a cute, lightweight hat is an easy helmet hair solution. With a quick run of fingers through my hair or re-constitution of a ponytail, I’m ready to exchange a protective lid for something more carefree.

I like brimmed straw hats, the wider the better to keep the sun off my face. The challenge is to carry a hat on my bike without it crushing or flying away. So, here’s a DIY solution that makes attaching a hat to your backpack or bag a cinch.

All you need is a couple of office supplies: a 2-in. loose-leaf ring and any kind of a binder clip. I use a stainless steel wire clothespin because I find it easy to manipulate on the fly. Use the loose-leaf ring to attach the binder clip to your strap (below). Then clip the brim of the hat on, and you’re ready to ride. This works equally well with a baseball cap.

Clip hat to bag for cycling

When you reach your destination and doff your helmet, buckle the helmet strap through the ring for secure toting.

My backpack love of the summer is the one shown here from WANT Les Essentiels. (Their corner shop in the West Village is beautifully designed and cozy.) This was a Mother’s Day gift, and I’ve found its versatile, minimal design easy to wear with everything from a cotton dress for work to a bathing suit cover-up at the beach. Topped with a straw hat.

Photos: velojoy

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