Easy Summer DIY Tip: Carry a Spare Pair

Carry Spare Pair of Shoes on Bike

On a heavenly summer morning ride through Central Park last week, a guy on a road bike, wearing cycling cleats, passed me at high speed. Nothing unusual there. What I noticed, though, was a pair of flip-flops suspended from his seat.  He had secured them to his seat rails using a loop of wire and two rubber bands. Genius.

Disclaimer: I’m not crazy about actually riding in flip-flops; a heftier sole provides more stability and boosts my pedaling confidence. Plus, I’ve seen plenty of flimsy footwear fly off feet and into the street.

But, I love the summer goodness of  flip-flops when I get to my destination. They’re the closest we city dwellers can get to safely (and reasonably hygienically) going barefoot. So, I adapted the Central Park guy’s hack for carrying a spare pair. But with a little more flare.

carry shoes on bike

Just gather two rubber bands onto a length of ribbon (scavenged, like mine) and tie that securely onto your seat rails or springs. Stack the flip-flops with opposing straps facing each other and insert the pair into the rubber bands as shown. If you’re a road cyclist, the sandals can give you a cooling break from your cycling shoes, and keep you from slipping-sliding around the coffee shop floor in your cleats.

In the mean time, I can’t help admire the bravura of the woman I spotted the other day sporting flip-flops with metal toe clips. Judging from her immaculate toenails, I’d guess she was counting on the Hudson River breeze to speed-dry a fresh pedi.

Photos: velojoy

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