This Bicycle Kickstarter Raised $1 Million in 24 Hours

Taga 2 Family Cargo Bike
Overwhelming response to a Kickstarter by the bicycle company Taga reflects vigorous demand for an affordable family cargo bike.

The crowdfunding campaign by the Dutch maker has raised more than $1.5 million on a $100,000 ask to fund production of the Taga 2.0, which the company calls the ultimate affordable family cargo bike. Taga reached their funding goal within the first 8 minutes of launch and the $1 million mark within the first 24 hours, according to a note on the Kickstarter site. Whew!

The new offering is a versatile cargo bicycle that can be used to ferry, with pedal power, up to three children or a load of groceries or a pet. It is a follow-up to the design-award-winning Taga Bike Stroller which toggles ingeniously between a bike and a stroller, and was conceived as an alternative to bike trailers and bike-mounted child seats.

Enjoying the ride together continues to be the theme that the company, founded in 2007, nurtures. Among the family-friendly features incorporated into the Taga 2.0, which took three years to design:

  • 3 wheels for stability
  • A sturdy plastic cargo box that’s reinforced with steel for durability and impact resistance
  • Flexible seating configurations for up to two children in the cargo box, plus a rack-mounted seat option for carrying a third child (below).

Taga 2.0 3rd Child Seat (1)

  • Simple conversion to a lockable cargo bike with room on top for attaching additional items with a bungee
  • The option to upgrade to electric assist for effortless travel over longer distances
  • Fold-down and storage for transport by car

The basic model will retail for less than $1,000 in a category where it’s not uncommon to see prices well into the thousands of dollars. Taga’s wide array of add-ons, which seemingly take every need that parents and kids might dream up into account — from seats with adjustable harnesses and headrests to an accessories bar that can accommodate a squirt gun (how fun is that?) to an all weather canopy — are sold separately.

Check this video to see the Taga cargo bike in action:

With growing numbers of protected bike lanes in the city, cargo bikes represent an increasingly viable option for efficient, active, green and family-friendly transportation.

For early-bird savings, view the Taga Kickstarter here. (The bikes ship worldwide, and locally from New Jersey.)

Photo: Taga USA Inc.


  • We have backed the Taga 2.0 but I’m worried about how to lock it up best. I plan to use it most to take my two little ones to places like pools and parks that are nearby but too far to walk so locking up is essential. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Bernadette: Thanks for reading. So excited for you! I’ve been considering backing this, as well. (My issue is fitting it into the elevator in my building.) So I’m on your wavelength about how to keep the bike secure on the street. I would go with heaviest-duty chain(s)/locks you can manage and stow them in the cargo compartment when not in use. Also, there is an “Ask a Question” button at the bottom of the Kickstarter home page, in case you want to reach out directly to Taga.

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