Zero-Waste Wool Wrist Warmers

Wool Wrist Warmers by Dusk Brooklyn
Wool wrist warmers for everyday cycling help block drafts while adding a pop of color and texture to your look.
As the seasons change, temperatures can swing widely. For everyday cycling, especially on chilly morning or evening commutes, wool wrist warmers are handy for blocking drafts as you reach to the handlebar.

And all the better if they add a fun, fashionable kick of color and texture. I was really taken with the look and feel of the wrist warmers by Dusk Brooklyn, when I met their maker, Emmanuelle Chiche, at a recent gathering of creatives at BAM. The designer calls her version Cashmere Bangles. Her inspiration? Armfuls of colorful Indian bracelets.

Dusk Cashmere Wrist Warmers

Chiche, whose studio is currently based at the Pratt Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, adheres to a zero-waste ethos, hand-crafting these soft accessories in Brooklyn using scraps from California vintage cashmere “slow fashion” brand Stella Neptune. Each piece is unique, but shoppers can specify a dominant hue when ordering.

Dusk Brooklyn Cape

Wrist warmers are a versatile accessory suited to any outdoor activity. Pull them over your hands or gloves when winds turn bitter. On more moderate days, they make a statement of their own, as styled above, with Dusk Brooklyn’s Light Traveler Cape.

Dusk Brooklyn Zero-Waste Cashmere Bangles, one size, $35

Photos: Dusk Brooklyn

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