Easy Bicycle Cargo Net Hack

Bicycle cargo net hack
This easy bicycle cargo net hack can help keep your stuff secure on your city ride.

It couldn’t have been a few radishes from the farmer’s market that popped out of my bike basket. No, it had to be a fancy silk tie. Here’s the chastening tale that leads to an easy bicycle cargo net hack to keep your stuff secure:

I’m pedaling down Fifth Avenue on one of those blustery winter days, double-time because I’m late for a meeting.

The tie that I’ve just exchanged at the store for my husband reposes in its slender orange and brown bag along with my purse and bar lock in the bike basket behind me.

You know what comes next. Between the wind gusts and a few bumps in the road, the bag has vanished by the time I reach my destination. Hope whoever found it looks fly in that tie.

The embarrassing part is that I knew better. I was carrying an elastic cargo net, but I was in too big a hurry to unravel the spaghetti-like tangle at the bottom of my bike basket. I plopped my stuff on top of it, unlocked the bike and took off into the bike lane.

Topeak cargo net

Bicycle cargo net hack

So, here’s the simple, cheap and easy hack that’s now helping me keep my net straight, and that can help you contain your cargo with confidence, too. (See photo above.)

1. Gather a few plastic cable ties. Seriously, cable ties are an urban cyclist’s BFF.

2. Secure your cargo net to the back rear rail of you square or rectangular basket using the zip ties at intervals of a couple of inches.

3. Clip the excess length to neaten the look, and you’re good to go. All you need to do is fold the net back when it’s not in use. No more wrestling with tangles in your bag or at the bottom of your basket.

I haven’t found a good solution for securing the net to the large oval wicker basket on the front of my upright bicycle. Have any of you solved that one?

It’s humbling to think that a quarter’s worth of plastic might have prevented this loss — but I did replace the tie with a new one for my husband.

Photos: Lead velojoy, above Topeak

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