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Lady Haberton Bag
Lady Haberton, a brand of stylish messenger bags for cycling has created Le Messenger, a water-resistant, full-grain leather satchel that combines elegance and utility for female urban bicycle commuters.

Messenger bags, the pouches that working cyclists strap across their bodies to transport documents and packages, have become contemporary classics in recent years. Fashion accessories makers for women and men have created versions that complement the need to carry daily essentials on the go.

Now the new brand Lady Haberton has created stylish messenger bags for cycling that combine elegance and utility for female urban commuters. I particularly like the feminine, full-grain leather Le Messenger for the practical features adapted from bags used by real messengers.

One example is a stabilizer. Cleverly integrated into the design when not in use, the stabilizer strap wraps under the arm and fastens to a decorative ring at the sternum. (See how it works in the brief video below.)  This helps prevent a loaded bag from shifting to the front of the body, where it is an annoyance at best and an impediment to pedaling at worst.

Another example is the ability to expand the bag according to cargo needs. Fold down the zippered top and you can carry an 11-inch laptop, plus phone, wallet, makeup and other needs. Unfolded the bag to its full height, and it accommodates a 15-inch computer, plus files and your lunch.

Reflective details on the front and side aid nighttime visibility, and a zippered compartment on the front lends quick access to essentials. The water-resistant Le Messenger, which is crafted in France, comes in black and camel (top photo), with the latter a particularly fresh, versatile and on-trend option for spring.

The company’s creator, Lucile Hamoignon, named her brand, which also includes other products, for the 19th century leader of the rational dress movement. The movement helped promote clothing adapted for cycling as women experienced new independence and freedoms through bicycling.

Update 5/3/16 : The brand has added a smaller version called La Pochette. 

Learn more. www.ladyhaberton.fr

Le Messenger Bag Noir
Le Messenger Bag Noir

Photos: Lady Haberton

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