The Most Stylish Gear for Cycling Visibility


The end of  Daylight Saving Time is the perfect moment to rethink your urban cycling visibility. Definitely check those essential front and rear bike lights. But think about what you’re wearing, too. Hi-viz and reflective fabrics and LED technology integrated into stylish clothing and accessories can amp up your ability to be seen in dark or low-light conditions. Whether you are pedaling home from work at the end of the day or heading out to play, these innovative designs will help you shine from head to toe.  BTW: Three are by New York City-based makers: ICNY, Tandem NY and Vespertine NYC. (Hurrah for the bike-loving home team!)

Top photo: Whisper-weight, foldable bags that delivery instant additional carrying capacity are urban essentials. Add reflectivity to function and it’s win-win for people on the go. Swedish cycling accessories maker Bookman teamed up with the German company Notabag to create this versatile combination backpack and tote to keep hands free and cycling visibility high. $35 at bookman/se

Check the slideshow for more inspiration:

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  • I think you should have a look at “Georgia in Dublin” website. I got high viz overshoes (Leggits) and a rainwrap with them. They are so handy to cycle in style and to be seen!

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