The Art of Bicycle Emoji

GR8! The latest limited edition of cycling-inspired prints from 100copies riffs on emoji, with, for example, bicycle wheels forming mouths and brake calipers eyes.

Bikemoji are among original designs created by Thomas Yang, the Singapore-based creative director, who merged his love or art with his passion for cycling in 100copies.


As with all releases, this series of four black-and-white photos, is limited to 100 copies. Each is watermarked and labeled with the title and edition number, so no two are exactly alike. When they’re sold out…they’re gone.


To more fully appreciate the variety of Yang’s work you can still view past editions on the website. In one of my favorites, he renders major architectural landmarks, including, the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower, with remarkable intricacy through the use of bicycle tire tread marks. That sold-out series is now available as artist’s proofs.

The offset lithography Bikemoji prints, on archival paper, sell for $75 or $280 for the complete set. You can also subscribe here to be notified of the next offering.

From top left: LOL, GR8, WTF, OMG

Photos: 100copies

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