This Week’s NYC Cycling Link Love

Bouclier Sun Shield for Bicycle Helments

NYC cycling link love. 10 things to keep your wheels turning this week:

1. Top photo: This new full-face visor by Bouclier blocks 98 percent of UV rays and fits on any bicycle helmet.

2. Reflecting strength in the boutique fitness market, SoulCycle has filed for an IPO.

3. The best yoga poses for cyclists.

4. Now you can have your Instagram-ready healthy breakfast-parfait-in-a-jar delivered.

5. How to lock your bike without a lock if you need to stop for a quick errand.

6. Good read: Why it’s high time to end the tradition of  podium girls in bike racing. #nopodiumgirls

7. See what grades Mayor Bill De Balsio and the City Council earned in this new Vision Zero report card.

8. Who does this? Thief in Williamsburg hacks down a tree to steal a bike.

9. This cool little bike storage gadget frees up floorspace in your {tiny} NYC apartment.

10. Food for thought to reduce automobile congestion: Seattle will set parking meter rates based on demand.

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Top photo: Bouclier

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