City Cycling Gear: 3 Smart New Ideas


Bicycle-loving entrepreneurs are working overtime to add safety, ease and style to your everyday ride. Each of the three new city cycling gear options below — available for pre-order as part of crowd-funding campaigns — delivers a unique, problem-solving benefit to commuters and casual riders.


Fold Your Helmet to Fit into Your Bag

Hats off to Carlos Ferrando, a believer in the transformative power of urban bicycling, who has designed a helmet to match some pretty specific criteria requested by his wife: stylish to suit her lifestyle, convenient to carry and not too sporty.  In response, Ferrando and his design and engineering team merged safety, functionality and style in a brimmed helmet of timeless design with a revolutionary feature. A patented folding system reduces helmet volume by 50 percent when compressed from the top (photo above, right). Less bulk means you can store or tote the helmet with greater ease. Certified to both U.S. and European standards, the helmet, for women and men, also is available with cool interchangeable accessories like visors of different colors, a wool liner for winter warmth and a leather liner for an aviator vibe.

Closca Fuga Foldable Bicycle Helmet, $89 (earlybird) 


Carry Drink Containers of Any Size

Traditional bottle cages, which mount to your bicycle frame and allow you to carry and access water on your ride, typically hold one size of container. For those who want more options — say, to carry a vacuum jar of hot coffee to work or a bottle of Chardonnay to the beach — Walnut Studiolo rides to the rescue. The Portland, OR-based maker of bespoke leather cycling accessories has introduced a bottle cage that’s adjustable, via hand-dyed, vegetable-tanned leather straps, to securely accommodate a variety of container sizes. What’s more, the leather-lined, no-rust stainless steel housing is crafted from factory-rejected Klean Kanteen bottles. It’s the ultimate in convenience and sustainability.

Walnut  Studiolo Upcycle Water Bottle Cage,  $150 (limited-edition) Photo: Russ Roca

Need to carry a six-pack? Walnut Studiolo has you covered there, too.


Easily Access Essentials on Your Ride

A backpack is one of the most efficient ways to carry your stuff on a bike; it balances your load and keeps your hands free. But grabbing a phone or wallet when stopped usually means having to slide at least one shoulder strap down and then twisting the bag around to the front of your body.  The Black Kite Cycling backpack, designed by Nancy Zan, draws inspiration from a cycling jersey with an open pocket on the lower back side (photo, right). So pulling out your phone is as easy as reaching behind you. There’s also a zippered side pocket for handy stowing of your bike lock. Crafted of super-tough, water-resistant ballistic nylon, this lightweight bag comes with padded straps for comfort and is scaled for a woman’s smaller shoulder width.

Black Kite Cycling Backpack, $98


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