How Stylish NYC Cyclists Keep Cool


How are stylish NYC cyclists keeping cool as soaring heat and humidity usher in summer this week? I snapped some quick photos (below) on my own travels by bicycle around Lower Manhattan.

What’s your secret to stylish summer dressing on your bike? Please share below.

A key to maintaining comfort in the bike lanes on a scorcher of a day is to keep things minimal. For women, that means strappy sundresses (as seen in the colorful, multi-layered show-stopper above), mini skirts, short-shorts and bare athleisure wear. Loose-fitting, long-sleeve tops, pants and fuller skirts in lightweight fabrics that capture the breeze help provide protection from the sun. Men favor light jackets or white dress shirts with trousers for commuting, and shorts with polos, Ts, or tanks for more casual trips around town. And dogs? With tongues hanging and ears blown back, they just seem grateful for the relief from steamy sidewalks that a bike ride provides — for canines and humans alike.

The wearing of bicycle helmets, it seems, may be caving to the impulse toward summer bareness.






Photos: susi wunsch/velojoy

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