Martone Cycles: New Colors + Art Collaboration

Martone LaJolla

Lorenzo Martone celebrates summer with new, eye-popping colors, plus a cool Martone Cycles + Shantell Martin collaboration with Artspace.

The newest limited-edition hues join company’s line-up of  stylish men’s and women’s bicycles for urban commuting and casual riding, all featuring a distinctive frame and basket and signature clear pedals and a red bicycle chain. (In true fashionista spirit, Martone calls his classic models, such as the Mercer and the Gramercy, “the little black dresses” of his line.) Ever on-trend, Martone has also added e-bikes, and this season, the Mia mini-bike, conceived to meet the portability and storage needs of on-the-go urbanites.


Summer fresh frames from Martone Cycling. Top: Women’s La Jolla, $1,200. Above: Men’s Pacific, $1,100

The Brazilian-born New York City transplant who has a background in luxury-brand public relations and advertising, said at the spring debut of the new colors that his inspiration is a mix of fashion and “what pleases me.”

From the launch of the brand in 2013, Martone has viewed the bicycle as a beautiful object, worthy not only of pedaling through city streets around the globe, but also of display and appreciation.

“Our bikes are in the world as art objects,” he says.

Thus, you’ll often see Martone bicycles in fashion and lifestyle settings far beyond the confines of conventional bike shops. So, it’s natural that Martone would gravitate increasingly toward collaborating with contemporary artists, most recently in an exhibit entitled Unchain Me – An Art Bike Show, seen at Ron Robinson gallery in Santa Monica.


In graphic black and white, the Martone + Shantell Martin limited-edition bicycle, $3,800

The exclusive collaboration with Martin, a young artist known for her ink drawings, sometimes autobiographical, sometimes whimsical, of characters, creatures and messages, is limited to an edition of five. Each comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and is available online from Artspace.

Martone continues to channel his passion for urban bicycling into uniting the spheres of cycling, fashion and design. His distinctive yet highly functional bikes and accessories are filled with a sense of fun and reflect, in a uniquely personal way, the simple joy and beauty of riding bicycles in cities.


Martone Mia mini-bike for urban efficiency, $800

Photos: Above, Martone and below, velojoy

Scenes from the launch of the new bikes this spring:

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