Reflective Spray Keeps You Visible at Night

Volvo LifePaint

Volvo Cars has launched a reflective spray that aims to improve after-dark riding safety for cyclists. Volvo Life Paint, which is formulated with reflective particles bound by a special adhesive, is invisible by day, but glows vibrantly under the beams of car headlights.

You can spray it on your bicycle, as well as your helmet and jacket to improve visibility when pedaling at night in traffic. The company says that an application of the water-based product, which does not alter the color or finish of the material on which it is sprayed, lasts about a week, but can be washed off any time.

Volvo LifePaint Cyclists

Introduction of Life Paint is one reflection of a safety goal the company has set that “by 2020, no person will be killed, or seriously injured, by a new Volvo.” The company recently worked with Swedish partners POC, a bicycle helmet maker, and Ericsson, the telecom company, to develop a GPS-based system to warn both cyclists and automobile drivers of the danger of a collision. For Life Paint, Volvo teamed with ad-agency Grey London and Swedish start-up Albedo100.

See the spray in action in this video:

The company sees many potential night safety uses for Life Paint beyond cycling: for children’s backpacks, or for dog leashes, for example. For those getting ready to whip out their credit cards, though, LifeSpray is currently only available through 6 retail outlets in London and Kent as Volvo gauges interest.

As one of the interviewees in the London-based video above notes: “Cycle safety in London is not all about bicycles. It’s about cars, it’s about pedestrians, it’s about sharing the roads with other users.”

That’s a sentiment that applies everywhere.

Photos: Volvo Cars

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