Simple Hack to Prevent Bicycle Helmet Hair

We’re not the only ones trying to keep bicycle helmet hair in check these days. With stylish lids of every description trending for winter and spring, mangled manes are equal-opportunity inconveniences.

A tip of the hat goes to stylist Wes Sharpton of Hairstory Studio in New York City, for a simple hack that’s particularly well suited to women with medium-length hair. In other words, those whose tresses are too long for the 10-finger fluff up and too short for that other fashionable look saver, the braid. In a recent feature in The Wall Street Journal, Sharpton recommends flipping hair to the opposite side of its usual part before donning your lid. Then, after removing it, flip hair back to the other side and Voila! volume is restored.

Based on my own experimentation, I would add the following:

  • Wear a winter-weight skull cap designed for cycling to keep your head warm under your helmet.
  • Turn the cap inside out so that that the smoother surface is the one in contact with your do.
  • Run a little Moroccan Oil or similar product through your hair before pulling on the cap.
  • To poof up hair that’s not freshly washed, try spraying a little dry shampoo at the roots around your face and at the crown of your head after your ride. Then bend over and give your hair a shake before flipping it back into place.

If your helmet-stressed tresses still resist bouncing back, there’s another easy fix. Switch to a hat at your destination. A oversize black wool or cashmere beanie paired with killer specs rides to the rescue every time.

Read more about winter cycling caps and hats.

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