Bicycle Path Inspired by ‘Starry Night’

Van Gogh Bicycle Path

Just a quick one today to share the enchanting illuminated bicycle path that recently opened to the public in the Netherlands. Designed by artist Daan Roosegaarde, it’s a sustainable modern rendering in light of the sky in Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” which he painted 1889.

Starry Night Bicycle Path

In its use of innovative technology and its acknowledgement of history and place, the Van Gogh bicycle path links past and future. Designed by Studio Roosegaarde and built by Heijman infrastructure, it runs for about ½ mile in the Eindhoven district, which Van Gogh called home from 1883 to 1885.  Special paint and embedded LEDs create the twinkle and glow that transform a bike ride into a night wonder. The surface gathers light from the sun during the day and shines for up to 10 hours at night.

van gogh illuminated bike path

The Heijman website calls this first-of-its-kind path “an interplay of light and poetry.” It is part of a series, “Smart Highway,” of explorations by Roosegaarde of creating safer and more energy efficient roadways through sustainable and interactive design. Eindhoven is also the site of a remarkable floating bicycle roundabout.

View the video below and then picture yourself pedaling a similar path along the Westside Greenway or Brooklyn’s waterfront. Wouldn’t that be magical?


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