A Bicycle Bell That Fits All Bars

I’m very fond of my bicycle bell. It’s black, it’s shiny and it rings resolutely, which is important in a city that delivers plenty of surprises. But, because the bell’s bracket is too small to close around the tapered girth of my drop handlebars, I had to rig it with a cable tie. While there’s no harm in that, it’s not optimal and it’s not uncommon.

Recently, when searching for a discreetly sized, but resonant bell to mount on my road bike (West Side Greenway to the George Washington Bridge. Need I say more?) I discovered the Spurcycle bell. It’s beautifully designed, with a compact dome measuring about 1 inch by 4/5 inch and delivers a loud and pleasing Ding! But, the bell’s biggest advantage is a mounting system that makes it easy to install securely on virtually any kind of handlebar.

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The solidly engineered bell sits on two curved feet coated with rubber to protect handlebars from scratches. The user runs a flat metal band through a bracket between the feet and wraps it around the bars into any position preferred by the rider. The band is tightened by turning a bolt at the top of the bell’s dome. Two band lengths are provided.

So, for example, the bell would fit on top of the drop bars on both my bikes (above). But if you ride in the drops, you could mount the bell anywhere along those. Or, you could mount it on the head tube of your city bicycle (below).

In short, the Spurcycle distills the best features of a bicycle bell for urban riding into a small, but highly versatile package.

Spurcycle Bell,  raw, $39, or black, $49

Photos: Spurcycle

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