Bicycling Models Launch Cara Delevingne Collection

Cara Delevigne + Bicycles + NYC Fashion Week

Bicycles are always a part of the buzz of fashion week, representing the fun and freedom of everyday pedaling through the streets of New York City. Reflective bicycling accessories maker Vespertine has even had its own catwalk moment at Lincoln Center. But this fall the cycling connection is with none other than über-model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne.

In a social media-supported scavenger hunt, models on a roll helped celebrate launch of the Cara Delevingne Collection of versatile and stylish handbags for the British brand Mulberry. Fashion website Refinery29 deployed 30 of them to ride specially designed Mulberry x R29 black bicycles to different NYC locations (above). Their cargo: Signature canvas tote bags containing keys. Fashionistas lucky enough to snag one scored an opportunity to attend a special event where they could try to unlock a luxe leather Cara Delevigne bag to take home.

The tie between Delevingne and bicycling goes beyond a promotional campaign. The super model has been spotted on a blue cargo tricycle (below), demonstrating her personal appreciation for the joys and efficiency of getting around town on two – or three – wheels.


Top photo, right: Nick Bloise via Instagram; Photo above: The Cut

(h/t Tanya Quick)

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