Trending for Fall: The Bubble Pony

Bubble Pony

If you wear a bicycle helmet and you’ve got long tresses, then braids are often the most stylish answer to whatever the hair management question happens to be. Whether you need to keep your mane sleek and streamlined for a work-out on the Central Park loop, or you’re looking for a care-free transition from your city ride to whatever is next on your agenda, a pretty plait satisfies.

But if braid boredom has set in, then try a fun variation that’s been trending on the fall fashion runways: the bubble pony (above). The stylist Guido (yup, just Guido), who created this look for the Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week, shares these hints in the September issue of InStyle magazine:

– Straighten hair with smoothing lotion and a blow dryer.
– Space elastics evenly at 2-inch intervals.
– Pull the hair apart gently between elastics to create the whimsical rounded effect you see here.

Bonus tip for cycling: Add a touch of night-time visibility to your bubble poney with no-damage elastics from Scünci (below). The assortment contains patterned elastics woven with reflective material.

Scunci Elastics

 Photo credits: top (left) top (right), above Scünci

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