The Line: Quintessential Includes Bicycling

I’ve been kind of obsessed with the website The Line, since my friend Julie turned me on to it recently. Amidst liberal use of white space, it presents a collection of simple, elegant things to wear, like well-cut blouses and dresses in interesting shapes, as well as design objects for the home, like Mid-Century chairs and a simple, steel utility bicycle.

Pervasive calm is what Julie says draws her to the site, which founders Vanessa Traina and Morgan Wendelborn created as an exploration of quintessential fashion, beauty and home goods and related stories. It radiates a vaguely Nordic cool — think Robin Wright in House of Cards, but with a more insouciant vibe.

Not surprisingly, bicycling for transportation is part of The Line’s “considered life.” Among iconic objects is the Diamond by Bike ID, a maker based in Stockholm where bicycling is the norm for daily travel about town. With two-speed, automatic shifting, hand and coaster brakes, low-profile rims and handmade leather grips, this shiny, chrome-finish bike — like its well-heeled companions on the site — embodies both the simplicity and the complexity of paring away the inessential. (Oh, that our lives could be this streamlined!)

A bricks-and-mortar extension of the site, Apartment by The Line, enables shoppers to delve more deeply into The Line’s ethos in a home-like setting staged in a light-washed loft in Soho.

Here, a few of my favorite things:

Creel and Gow Rock Crystal Bowl, $450

BikeID Diamond Utility Bicycle, $990

Proenza Schouler Curve Hem Dress, $975

Photos: The Line

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