Hypnotic Song Conjures Aimless Summer Pedaling

Alexandra Kalinowski, lead singer of the Brooklyn-based chamber pop band AK, recently shared her new music video Circles, which I love for its conjuring of lazy summer pedaling on neighborhood streets. Although it was shot on a tree-lined block of Ditmas Park, the singer says the lyrics are inspired by a post-college summer she spent in Massachusetts with a close-knit group of girlfriends riding to lakes and swimming holes.

Click in below to enjoy the lush vocals of this former opera singer and classically trained pianist, and listen for harmonies and upbeat rhythms that mimic the sound of bicycle wheels turning.

“Circles” by AK from alexandra kalinowski on Vimeo.

Bicycling is more than just a backdrop for the video. Kalinowski has commuted on two wheels for seven years, starting with college in Boston. “I still get that feeling of freedom and euphoria every time I get on my bike,” she wrote in a email.

She relies on the Raleigh men’s road bike seen in the video, which she purchased years ago on Craigslist for $125, to travel from her home in Greenpoint to work in Park Slope. “With the only choices being the G train (constantly under construction) and not-always-dependable buses, biking is the fastest way to get anywhere there,” she says.

The video is directed by David Formentin and shot by Ray Levé. “Our cinematographer sat in the open trunk of our director’s car with his feet hanging out as the car drove slowly down the street,” Kalinowski says. “People stood on the sidewalks and watched us all day; it was a wonderful experience.”

And the big, colorful dollar-store flowers she wove through her basket? They’re still on her ride, as an ongoing celebration of summer.

The song Circles is available on the EP How Not to Be Alone.  Thanks Alexandra!

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