60 Women. 65 Miles. One Amazing Ride.

The second Rapha Women’s 100 ride, hosted by the Rapha Cycle Club in New York City, brought together 60 members of the cycling community for an out-and-back ride from Manhattan to Nyack, NY on a perfect summer Sunday.

The outing, which kicked off in the morning with fresh pastries, caffeination and mingling at the club in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, was part of a daylong, global celebration of the power of women’s cycling, sponsored Rapha, the British maker of men’s and women’s cycling apparel.  The Women’s 100, which is free, aims to inspire as many women as possible to ride 100 km (63 miles) on their own or as participants in locally organized group rides.

What this varied group of New York City women shared in common was a commitment to riding together as a community on this day. And it couldn’t have been a more fun and rewarding experience. Hurray for opportunities like this one, and the CycloFemme ride on Mother’s Day, for women to ride together, to connect, to inspire one another and to encourage wider participation in women’s cycling through the impact of their presence on roads and trails around the world! Scroll down to read more.

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At this writing, more than 7,450 riders were registered on the event website with more than 40 countries, ranging from Argentina to Wales, listed. The Rapha Women’s 100 Challenge on Strava logged more than 8,400 riders, with almost 475,900 kilometers ridden. Photo sharing via social media united the rides virtually through a #womens100 stream.

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Two waves of riders followed a route along the Westside Greenway and over the George Washington Bridge with its stunning, panoramic views of the city and the Palisades. Led by Jen Nordhem, Tayler Dube, Rachael Lambert and Alie Giaime, the groups traveled in pacelines north on Route 9W to Piermont, NY for a photo stop along the village’s scenic long pier overlooking the Hudson River and then on to Nyack, where they regrouped at the cyclists’ hangout The Runcible Spoon.

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rapha womens 100 nyc 8


Participants ranged from racers in their team kits to club riders and casual road cycling enthusiasts. I chatted with a ride leader for the New York Cycle Club, an spin instructor at Equinox and a woman who recently started bicycling at the encouragement of her boyfriend.  The final word from one rider, prior to returning to the club for a celebratory champagne toast: I feel so exhilarated!

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Some in the group had prepared for the event through a series of weekend training rides sponsored by the Rapha Cycle Club throughout the spring. The club will continue to host Sunday-morning rides for women. Click here to view the events schedule.

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