Simple Hack Turns Your Skirt into Pants

If panty show is of concern when the motion of cycling or an errant breeze flips a skirt hem on your bike ride, then you’ll gratefully tip your helmet to Johanna Holtan, who loves to pedal in a dress. She dreamed up a liberating little hack for converting a short or long skirt or dress into a pant to make pedaling in everyday clothes all the more convenient and safe (no fabric tangled in rear spokes). This, for the cost of exactly one penny, plus a rubber band. Check out Johanna’s Penny in Yo’ Pants! demo below.

Penny In Yo Pants from Johanna Holtan on Vimeo.

I tried this trick with a knee-length, jersey summer dress on the bike that I use for everyday transprotation around town, which is a men’s model. With the penny “button” in place, throwing my leg over the horizontal top tube without flashing was a cinch.

The video is a lead-up to launch of a crowd-funding campaign for a product that will work in a similar way, but will help prevent fabric stretching. Proceeds from sales of the product will be donated to the Afghanistan women’s cycling team, according to the website.

No wonder Johanna’s video has been viewed more than 1 million times:  It’s not only instructive, but exuberant, a quality often found among people who regularly ride bicycles. (h/t

Also read here about skirt weights.

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