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Ever wonder how much you really move in NYC? Track yourself and you may be surprised. Small rides add up, but they may not feel worthy of starting Strava or MapMyRide, especially if they are your usual routine and not a unique route you want to map for others. The Moves app (once free; now $2.99) automatically recognizes whether you walk, run or bike, and logs your steps or miles without the need to manually start and stop the tracking.

Editor’s note: In today’s guest post, NYC commuter and road cyclist Tanya Quick shares the digital obsession that’s taken her bike-loving office by storm. 

Khoi Vinh first introduced our studio to the app at a lecture, as one of several apps that “feel like magic.”  We all downloaded it that night, and it quickly became my mood ring: the bigger the bubbles are, the happier I usually am. Along with Dark Sky and the CitiBike app, Moves is a key function on my digital city cycling multi-tool (aka my iPhone).

Now, by syncing my Moves account with the new National Bike Challenge site, I can make my miles count towards something even bigger. Running from May-Sept, the Challenge is a free, fun competition that favors frequency over distance and speed. Sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, the Challenge tallies points for individuals, teams, workplaces, cities and states to see who’s really changing their game. In our office, seeing the days pile up has increased frequency of both CitiBike errands and “taking the long way”…

…and that turns into calories burned and money saved. (Though if these rides were translated to cab fare, it would be at least double this.) Amazing what a difference a few trips can make. So, get cracking and start tracking.

Note: Facebook purchased Moves last month, so if you have issues with Facebook’s privacy policy you will want to avoid this app. The National Bike Challenge also syncs to Endomondo and MapMyRide, or you can enter miles manually. No matter how you track, there’s encouragement messaging, friendly competition, and the satisfaction of the count to reward you.

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