3 Genius Accessories for Your City Ride


Little things can make a big difference, and it’s as true for riding a bicycle in the city as for anything else. Skirt flying in the breeze? Wrestling with the bungee on your bike share rack? Longing for a little extra visibility at night?  Over. Done with. The urban cycling accessories below, designed by discerning women (of course!), will help you pedal in comfort without sacrificing your personal style. Phew, wish everything was this easy:


Brookes Bungees

Brooke’s Bungees

A simple black leather tote is my favorite bag to ferry my computer and papers to meetings. At 12 inches high, though, the bag sticks up well above the top of my Citi Bike front rack. So it’s a struggle to stretch the bungee over it, and when I do, I worry about creasing the leather. Precisely this challenge inspired Brooke Townsend, a Citi Bike rider and unabashed fan since the system launched last year, to invent Brooke’s Bungees ($5).  This cunning little device – which I’ve already come to rely on for daily use – extends rack capacity.  Just loop the bungee through the Citi Bike bungee and attach it to the top or bottom pegs to keep your bag secure as you pedal. Brooke is still working on her website, so order directly by dropping her an email: brookesbungees@gmail.com


Tandem NY Skirtweight

Few sensations compare with the feel of a cool breeze when pedaling our a spring day. But skirts wooshing up in the wind? No thanks. You can avoid the Marilyn-Monroe effect with the Tandem NY Skirtweight ($18). It clips onto a hem to keep your skirt or dress anchored and your privates, well, private. Created by NYC cyclist Lanni Tarozzi, who favors flowy skirts and dresses, and her sister, designer Rosalyn Musker-Gant, the weights also help keep wide-hemmed pants and billowy tops in check. And their utility isn’t limited to cycling: Think trains barreling past the subway platform or wind whistling through the canyons of Wall Street. Just pop a Skirtweight into your purse and you’re ready for whichever way the wind blows.

Michaux Club Reflective Bar Tape

We adore the leather cycling bags and rucksacks with reflective details designed by  Rachel Bonney, founder of Michaux Club in the U.K. Now, the company is offering genuine leather handlebar tape ($93) that’s perforated and backed with 3M reflective material to dial up your bike style by day and your visibility after dark. The tape has a sticky back to make wrapping a cinch and it comes with a pair of branded, cork bar end plugs for a neat finish. Choose gold (shown), black or tan.

Photos: From top: Brook’s Bungees, Tandem NY Skirtweights, Michaux Club

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