Easy, One-Piece Dressing for City Cycling

one piece dressing for city cycling

There’s something so appealing and easy about one-piece dressing. Step into a single piece of clothing, add jewelry, shoes and bag, and you’re out the door in record time. That’s why we love this spring’s bounty of pretty jumpsuits, rompers and playsuits — especially those in silk — for pedaling around town in cool comfort, day or night.

When you think about it, wearing these to ride a bicycle isn’t exactly a stretch: Jumpsuits offer city riders some of the same advantages that road cyclists get with bib shorts (no gaps) and skin suits (onesie ease), albeit in less body-hugging form.  While some fashion styles feature blousy construction, or wide-leg bottoms, the ones with more fitted waists and legs that taper or are gathered at the ankle deliver a more carefree and maybe even aerodynamic ride.

Top left to right: Club Monaco Dennya Jumpsuit, $229, Maison Scotch Silky Jumpsuit, $165

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