Theft-Proof! Detachable Gear for Bicycling

Detachable Bike Accessories

People will steal any old thing off a bicycle in the city. Just say aye if you’ve had your bike lights swiped.

That’s why I like detachable gear for bicycling around town that’s both well-designed and highly portable. The following four accessories – in cheerful colors that speak to carefree spring rides — look great on a bike. Each offers its own advantages in terms convenience, portability and peace of mind while your bike is parked on the street.

New! Bookman Cup Holder

Bookman, maker of those bike lights that resemble Lego blocks, has introduced a new handlebar-mounted beverage holder that’s perfect for a morning commute. What sets it apart is a spring clamp; just press the rings together to attach or detach the holder. A small cube that fits into the clamp compacts the unit for easy storage in your bag. You can even flip it to adjust for large or small cups. (Don’t forget to firmly attach the lid of your go cup. Cobbles happen.)

Bookman Cup Holder, black, white, red or green, $39

Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights

Lucetta Magnetic Bike Light Rear

Lucetta Magnetic Lights

This elegant set of front and rear lights packs big-time convenience into a small package. Strong magnets attach the lights securely to any metal surface on your bike. When not in use, they snap together as one unit for easy storage in your purse or bike bag. Choose steady, slow or flashing modes. Batteries are included.  

Lucetta Magnetic Bicycle Lights, red, black, silver or white, $25/pair

Po Campo Kinga Bag

Po Campo Handlebar Bag

Two clasps and D-rings speedily affix the straps of the Six Corners zipper bag to handlebars. Inside, there’s room for on-the-go essentials; your mobile phone fits in the gathered pocket and spare change goes into the zippered pocket. This one, the summery Sky Stripes, is constructed of weather-resistant polyester and comes with a wristlet strap for carrying at your destination.

Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bag, many colors and patterns, $39.99

Pub Pedals

Pub Pedals

Eggbeater pedals used with cleated cycling shoes are favored for cyclocross and mountain bike riding, but their spindly surfaces render riding in regular footwear impossible. Pub Pedals offer a simple solution; they fit over the eggbeaters, turning them into regular flat pedals. Pub Pedals work with the spring inside the pedal for a secure fit, and snap off for easy storage when not in use.

Pub Pedals, red, black, white, blue, pink and yellow, $27

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