Bicycling in Harmony With the Breeze

Night View Astoria Park

One of my favorite regular features of the Sunday New York Times is Sunday Routine in the Metropolitan section. Each week, it provides a glimpse of how one notable New Yorker spends this “day of rest.” I’m partisan, of course, but I’m fascinated to see how often a bike ride figures in.

Last weekend’s feature, which follows 33-year-old musician Bora Yoon (below rightl) of Astoria, Queens through performances, rehearsals and preparations for the week, is a case in point. The composer, vocalist and sound artist, whose music combines ancient and modern elements, so eloquently describes the late-night bike ride that caps her weekend that I wanted to share it here. Yoon describes the almost mystical connection with music that she finds amid “epic” bridges, lit-up baseball diamonds and watery reflections as she pedals her bicycle along the East River, starting in Astoria Park:

Bora_Yoon_Feathers“I think bike riding is the closest thing that God gave to man that’s like flying. You start synthesizing things that you don’t when you’re stationary, so I usually ride around with a recorder or pen and paper.

My phone is always with me. I usually sing when I bike ride, because the wind around me evokes music to come out. So it’s either melodies that come to me or echoes of what I sang in church. Or sometimes they’re phrases, that are of another person. It’s like my larger consciousness singing phrases to myself. Sometimes it’s only when I sing them that I hear them.”

All of which makes me wish I could ride behind her and listen in.

Yoon’s new multi media album is Sunken Cathedral.

Credits: Top photo; right, Innova Recordings

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