New Bag Boosts Capacity of Bike Share Racks

With growing popularity of bike share systems around the country comes a welcome wellspring of products designed to enhance utility and convenience. Among the latest to cater to the new “bike share culture,” is the A.B. Bag, which boosts the capacity of the built-in front rack. It’s a boon to anyone who has tried to wrestle the bungee over a full sack of groceries on a ride home.

The bag, constructed of weatherproof vinyl or washed canvas, is designed to fit into the front rack, but to extend the usable volume vertically by eliminating use of the bungee. Instead, the bag is secured, seatbelt-like, with a strap that wraps around the rack and clips to a D-ring on the back of the bag (see photo below). So you can carry more — and that bag of gluten-free chips you’ve piled into the top of the zippered bag won’t get crushed.

The same strap converts the pack into a shoulder or cross-body bag for easy carrying off the bike. There’s an interior pocket for essentials, too. When not in use, the carrier folds compactly into a purse or work bag for portability.

The A.B. Pack, whose name underscores the ease and convenience of traveling from point A to point B using bike share, is designed by Adrian Garcia and Blake Larson. This week they launched a Kickstarter to support production. Help them reach their funding goal by clicking here. (Be sure to check the special editions for New York City and Chicago.)

Photos: A.B. Pack

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