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Burley Travoy Bike Trailer

While pedaling north on the Hudson River Greenway earlier this week I noticed a man riding a Citi Bike with the trailer above hitched to the seatpost. He was moving at a good clip, so this roomy but lightweight cargo carrier clearly wasn’t slowing him down.

Curious, I struck up a conversation. I quickly discovered that this Burley Travoy trailer, designed for hauling cargo by bike, has a ton of  features that are particularly well suited to cycling in the city. And it’s by far the best solution I’ve seen for carrying bulky items using bike share.


My new friend, Dan, was using his Travoy to transport a few items to his office on his customary Citi Bike commute. But he says he more typically attaches it to his own bike for bigger hauls, like a week’s worth of groceries. For multiple stops, he simply unhitches the carrier and uses it as a shopping cart.

The trailer weighs less than 10 pounds but can carry 60 pounds. It attaches simply to a mount that stays on the seatpost and extends over the back of the bike at a 45 degree angle for a stable ride. What’s more, the Travoy folds down to the size of a briefcase for easy storage in a closet, under a bed or beneath a desk at the office. Finally, it can be customized with interchangeable accessory bags ranging from a large duffel that mounts upright to market bags of a variety of capacities that can be mounted individually or stacked. Or, just use your own bags or containers.


It’s not inexpensive, but for bicycle riders who need to transport loads around town frequently and efficiently, this piece of equipment could pay for itself quickly in convenience and cab fare savings. And, when compared with buying, maintaining and parking a cargo bike? No contest there.

Burley Travoy Commute Bike Trailer, $299 (Comes with a basic cargo bag, which can also be used to store the folded unit, tie down straps for bulky items and hitch assembly. Additional bags and accessories sold separately.)

Photos: Burley

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