Pastel Citi Bikes Pop From Sea of Blue

Imagine the surprise when I docked at the 16th Street and Ninth Avenue station in Manhattan on Thursday morning to find a Citi Bike (above) dressed up in a dreamy pastel pattern.

Turns out that this sweet sign of spring is Citi Bike’s latest creative collaboration to celebrate the city and bike sharing here. Ten bikes were “wrapped” in decals to salute Armory Arts Week, which spotlights arts culture throughout the five boroughs in conjunction with The Armory Show, a leading, annual modern and contemporary art fest. The artwork is from a series, Under Heaven, by Xu Zhen, the artist whose work was chosen to represent the visual identity of this year’s Armory Show. Read more about his work here.

An accompanying Citi Bike promotion offers chances to win free show passes to people who spot the bikes and post photos on social media. Eight of the bikes are in circulation on the streets (making the chance that this bike blogger would randomly encounter one amazingly slim); two are on display at the show at Pier 94 through Sunday, March 9.

Citi Bike + Armory Show

If you plan to join the stream of art lovers heading to the show this weekend, the nearest Citi Bike station is at West 52nd Street and 11th Avenue. Traveling by bike beats the cab line at the piers any day.

Photos: top, velojoy; middle: Xu Zhen; above: Citi Bike

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