Artfully Upcycled Bicycle Parts

We’re obsessed with creative ideas for storing bicycles and gear. Our Pinterest board on that topic, one of our most popular, is stocked with more than 100 pins. Among the solutions I like best are those created from upcycled bicycle parts, including the sculptural hangers above, crafted from handlebars and bicycle seats. (I think it’s because I can picture these as the perfect holders for the endless layers we’re stuck wearing during our harsh winter in the Northeast.)

Entitled Upcycle Fetish, this series is conceived by Viennese graphic designer Andreas Scheiger, whose primary work is inspired by the science and graphic art of the Victorian era. The plaques, however, channel Pablo Picasso’s found object artwork, Bull Head, and the earlier kinetic sculpture, Bicycle Wheel, by Marcel Duchamp. (Type aficianados will also want to check out Scheiger’s Evolution of Type exhibits.)

Though faceless, each creation possesses a distinct personality.  The saddles and handlebars vary in condition and type, but the plaques sporting drop handlebars are particularly well-suited to mounting a bicycle frame.

A related, but somewhat different, approach, geared more toward memorializing a loss in the wake of “mechanical bereavement,” is available from Bicycle Taxidermy. Send them the handlebar and stem of your fallen steed, and they will mount it on an ash or burnt oak plaque complete with a commemorative message. Purpose-made works created from new handlebars (below) also are available. They would make pretty great statement pieces in a home or office entry.

 Either way, these whimsical works have got us hooked.

 Photos: Andreas Scheiger, top three, and Bicycle Taxidermy, bottom.

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