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As lovers of riding bicycles, we know what two wheels mean to our youth. It’s time to send that message to the White House.

The 4th Annual Youth Bike Summit needs our help in meeting its goal to send 1,000 messages to the White House asking First Lady Michelle Obama and Malia and Sasha Obama to speak at the largest gathering of youth bicycling enthusiasts, educators and advocates in the nation. The conference, on February 14 – 16 at the New School in New York City, brings together people from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to focus on the bicycle as a catalyst for positive social change.

Imagine how powerful the addition of Mrs. Obama’s voice would be to help make our streets safer for cycling and to inspire the next generation of leaders — especially young women, who represent a vital force in closing the gender gap in cycling in this country. The First Lady’s own commitment to improving the health and the fitness of the nation’s youth is reflected in her high-profile Let’s Move initiative.

This “ask” is easy:

Send a letter: The address, a letter template and printable postcards can be found in this downloadable PDF.

Tweet @flotus and @michelleobama: Work your twitter feed, and ask your like-minded friends for retweets. Here are examples you can cut and paste:

@flotus nothing says @letsmove like keynoting the @youthbikesummit. Come meet the kids who are changing the world!

@michelleobama join us in NYC as keynote speaker @youthbikesummit; we want kids up and active! 

Remember, every voice matters. As a proud sponsor of the Youth Bike Summit, I hope you’ll join me in reaching out to Mrs. Obama!

Learn more about the Youth Bike Summit through the words of participants:

Gaining Momentum: Youth Bike Summit 2012 from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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