Cycling Gear is Having a Camo-ment

Camo Cycling Accessories

Camouflage is doing a pretty lame job of hiding itself this fall. In classic military browns and greens and contemporary desert greys and tans, camo patterns are showing up in the fashion press, on celebs and on New York City streets and sidewalks. Cycling accessories and gear, helmets and cleated shoes included, are having a camo-ment, as well. This winter, wearing a hint of it may be the best way to stand out in the urban jungle. Click into the slideshow below for more options. BTW: Profits from the Camo Is Dead tee by Photo Rhetoric benefit NYC’s Century Road Club Association (CRCA) Junior Development Foundation.

Above, clockwise from top left: Plush Fleece-Lined Camo Beanie, $55 / Ray-Ban Wayfarer Urban Camouflage Sunglasses, $164.95 / Edith A. Miller Camouflage Tee, $114 / Chrome Citizen Reflective Camo Messenger Bag, $160

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