Bike Bells of a Sophisticated Stripe

When it comes to bike bells, I love bling in the ding — the mottoes, the cupcakes, the bejeweled hearts — but the urban minimalist in me always wins out. That’s why these cute bike bells from Japan in bold geometrics and muted hues caught my eye. If you’re into seasonally accessorizing your city ride, these are a nice compliment to fall’s color-block dresses and knits. From the more practical standpoint, the thumb levers are easy to flick quickly when needed — which in New York City is often.

Pattern Bike Bell, $22

Pro tip: A friend commented to me recently that she couldn’t find a bell with a bracket that would fit around the handle bar of the road bike she sometimes rides in the city. It’s true that the hinged brackets on some bike bells are too small to close properly around tape-wrapped or ergo bars. One work-around is to set the accompanying screw aside and thread a good-quality plastic cable-tie through the holes at the ends of the bracket. Tighten, clip off excess and you’re good to go. An innovative bell design by SpurCycle aims to address this problem with an adjustable mounting system.

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