Results of Citi Bike Rider Satisfaction Poll

So, how’s it going with Citi Bike? What’s working for you and what’s not?

As New Yorkers pedal the blue public bikes with gusto – 90,000 members and 8.7 million miles traveled, all in less than five months — the advocacy organization Transportation Alternatives is conducting a series of online polls to gauge user satisfaction, all to help channel data into shaping the best system possible.

The largest Citi Bike rider poll to date, to which more than 2,200 responded, indicates widespread support, with 91 percent of riders favoring expansion of the system. In fact, the top gripe of riders surrounded getting access to or returning a bike, signalling the need for more bikes and stations. Key findings:

  • 64 percent of riders’ most common complaint is finding an empty station when they want to take out a Citi Bike or a full station when they need to return a bike.
  • 84 percent of Citi Bike riders feel safest when riding in a a physically separated bike lane.
  • 51 percent of Citi Bike riders say “better enforcement against parking in the bike lane” should be a top NYPD priority.

Subsequent  T.A. poll questions build on the suggestions of previous participants, so get in on this. Share your opinions by clicking here to take Poll #2.

Additionally, the NYC Department of Transportation is due to release findings of its rider survey of how Citi Bike has affected travel behaviors, and the NYC Department of Health is working on a longer-term study of bike share’s impact on health and weight.

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