Dear Genevieve: Bike Storage Solutions?

Editor’s note: Dear Genevieve, our city cycling advice column, returns today with more answers to your bike-life conundrums.

Dear G: The question I’m obsessed about: What are the best ways to store a bike in a tiny apartment? Also, where are the cheapest garages (other than Edison ParkFast who claim to store bikes for $20/month, but who are filled up in all locations).

Dear Tiny-Ass Apartment Dweller: Thanks for this question. This is something I get asked all the time. Here’s what I usually tell people: You live in New York City; your friends will think you’re pretty cool when they have to use your bike as a table/coat rack/seat.

But seriously, solving this riddle is a matter of ingenuity and resources. You could hang the bike from a ceiling or wall. That’s probably the best bet. Ask your hardware store about drywall screws, brick screws (there’s a LOT of brick in the walls here), and stud-finders (you probably need a load-bearing wall). Here are some of our favorite bike-storage solutions, both bought and hand-fashioned.

A note on wall racks: They’re great ,but remember that your bike is going to stick out from the wall and you could lose just as much space as if the thing were sitting on your floor.

As for garages, uff! The good news is that garages that accommodate 100 or more vehicles are required by law to provide bike parking. But the trick is finding something convenient, not too expensive, and without a waiting list. So there may be no getting around it: You’ll need to do some leg work to find a solution that’s right for you.

This DIY bicycle storage solution recycles drop handlebars into “hooks.”

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