Artist Expanding Line of Stylish Bicycle Helmets

We’ve long been fans of New York City-based artist Danielle Baskin’s hand-painted, stylish bicycle helmets. Her whimsical, one-of-a-kind designs, painted with acrylics and ink and finished with polyurethane to make them last, take up to 30 hours to produce and retail for $150 to $300.

Now, Baskin, founder of Belle Helmets, is taking her business, and her desire to encourage more people to wear protective headgear as cycling continues to boom, to the next level. She’s launched a crowd-funding campaign to start an additional line that will be available in larger quantities and at the competitive retail price of $75.

Baskin started her business three years ago out of personal frustration with the relative sameness of bicycle helmets.

“There are so many cyclists out there who refuse to wear a helmet because the designs don’t suit their personalities,” she says.

Speckled Yellow Kittens with Yarn.
Coral with Paper Cranes.

Baskin began by painting helmets for herself and friends, and word spread at intersections around town. So the enterprising artist launched a website – showcasing fanciful helmets adorned as apples and kiwis, sporting animal prints and wood grain, and decorated with bee hives and orbiting planets — and eventually built a retail distribution network in the U.S. and abroad.  

Baskin’s new line includes 15 original designs that will be produced through a combination of hand- and vinyl painting. Examples appear above.

She says her creative ideas are limitless, but she needs start-up supplies to make her ambition a reality.  Give Baskin a hand by visiting her Crowd Supply website. Click here to discover the available premiums — support at the $70 level puts you at the head of the line for a new design of your choice.

View more details in this video, and get in on this!

Top photo: Turquoise and Tan Gradient with Butterflies.

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