Singer Nora Jane Struthers is on a Roll

This will make you smile. The freedom and simplicity of cycling in summer is beautifully captured in the sweet voice of Nora Jane Struthers in the song and accompanying video Bike Ride from her new release, Carnival.  (View the video after the jump.)

The 29-year-old Nashville-based singer, musician and songwriter recently told NPR: “Bike Ride is a song about a re-awakening. When you propel yourself forward through time and space on your own steam, you realize your own agency.”

In the video, directed by Dycee Wildman, 8-mm family images shot by the singer’s grandmother are interwoven with Struthers and her band, The Party Line, riding together in East Nashville. The grainy images inject a wistful whisper of the past’s illusiveness below the surface of this sunny celebration.

For fans — and soon-to-be fans — Struthers’s tour rolls into Joe’s Pub in New York City on October 16. And, in case you hadn’t noticed from the pretty sundress and pettycoat in the video, this songstress also has style to spare. Check the trove of vintage dresses she’s posted on Pinterest.

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