8 Tips: Beat the Heat on Your Bike Share Ride


With the sun blazing and city sidewalks sizzling, summer has arrived in full force. But you can keep cool on a summer bike ride by following a few simple heat-beating tips:

Slow down: Since bike share is designed for short trips, the good news is that your time in the saddle is likely to be short. The best way to cut down on perspiration is to reduce your speed. You’ll still enjoy the benefits of a breeze as you move through the streets.

Keep it light: Choose a top that’s white or a light in color in a lightweight or wicking material.  A loose fit will capture more of the breeze. On the bottom, a skirt or shorts, paired with sandals with straps or canvas shoes, will help you pedal in comfort.

Be prepared: Need to transition from the bike to a professional setting? Fold or roll an extra top or dress shirt in a plastic bag to prevent wrinkling and carry it in your front rack. Make a quick change at your destination.

Hold off on applying make-up: Wear sunglasses and lipstick for the ride, carry your makeup in your bag, and apply it in the restroom when you reach your destination. We also like the little packages of blotting paper that fit easily into a purse and help reduce facial shine from perspiration.

Protect your skin and eyes: The bare looks that help keep you cool also expose more skin to the sun, so be extra-diligent about applying sunscreen before you hit the streets. In addition, wearing sunglasses not only protects your eyes from airborne debris, but also from the sun’s glare. Bicycle helmets with integrated or snap-in brims also can help shade your face.

Carry an extra layer: You may think that the last thing you need on a hot day is a sweater. But carrying a light extra layer can help you avoid getting a chill from the uncomfortable blast of AC that can hit when you move indoors.

Skip the shoulder bag: Messenger bags and backpacks can make your back sweat. For hot days, choose a bag that fits easily into your front rack.

Hydrate! Finally, to avoid the dangers of dehydration when temperatures soar, carry a water bottle with you and refill it often!

Readers, share your favorite hot-weather hacks for summer cycling in the city in the comments section below!

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