Keep it Neat: How to Hang Your Helmet

Like most cyclists, I’m eager to get my helmet off after a long ride. Until recently, I’d hang it by the strap on a bar end or from the nose of my saddle while chatting with my fellow riders or cleaning up.

The helmet would invariably swing into the front spokes or skip off the saddle as soon as I moved the bike. A friend has clued me in to an elegant solution: Position the helmet over the center front of your bars (above), then hang the clipped-together chin strap over the stem. The protrusion at the rear of the stem will keep the strap secured to the headset. This not only keeps your bike looking organized, but it also enables you to steer the front of the bike freely — with the helmet attached — through a crowd, to a vehicle or wherever you need to take it next.

Hang a bike helmet

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