Bicycling Street Style: What Nina is Wearing

Women Bicycling NYC

Nina Beckhardt, 27, a branding specialist who, in swashbuckling style named her Ross bicycle Betsy, started riding in New York City two years ago, partly for the adventure of traveling city streets under her own power. What really got her hooked, though, was the convenience. “I find I arrive everywhere 5 minutes early,” she says. Nina is photographed here outside The New School in Greenwich Village, where she attended a Creative Mornings presentation by marketing guru Seth Godin.

Ankle Boots Bicycle

What she’s wearing, in her own words:

My shirt is raw cotton; I got it really cheap in Guatemala. If I can be sleeveless on a bike, I am. Feeling the wind on your skin really connects you to the fact that you’re flying through the streets. 

The skirt is an ancient find from Loehmann’s — just long enough to not give a free show when you’re riding. And the shoes are from Portugal – a place where I ventured on my own last year – so when I wear them I’m channeling that independent world-traveler vibe. 

My bag was on sale at Anthropologie. It goes with everything in that it doesn’t go with anything. Having a tote bag that fits in my bike basket is crucial. I heart my bike basket. And the jacket is really convincing faux white leather. Montreal is the best place to find really convincing faux leather jackets.
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