Week 1 Recap + Citi Bike Opens to Public June 2


Are you ready for some Citi Bike share first-week stats?After 5 days of previews, annual bike share members had clocked 40,524 trips covering 118,780 miles. Membership has surpassed the 25,000 mark. How’s that for early adopters?

On Sunday, those who have been scratching their heads at the impotence of their credit and debit cards at bike share station kiosks will get their chance to ride the blue bikes. That’s the day that general users can begin purchasing 24-hour ($9.95) and 7-day ($25) access to the city’s first new public transit system since municipal buses rolled onto the streets 75 years ago.

To celebrate, Citi Bike is hosting an event on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Union Square North where you can demo the bikes, ask questions and get a helmet fitted

It’s easy to use a credit or debit card to check out a bike. Here are the instructions:

Citi Bike share instructions


Two quick reminders:

Watch the clock: Daily and weekly users get 30 minutes of unlimited free rides before overtime charges accrue to their cards. This varies from the free period for annual members, which stands at 45 minutes.

Lift and separate: To undock a bicycle, grasp the handlebar with one hand and the back of the seat with the other. Gently lift the seat about 6 inches and gently let go. Grasp the handlebars with both hands and pull back to free the bike.

Read more FAQs about Citi Bike share in this post that I wrote for Refinery29.com:

Refinery29 bike share post

And finally…this week’s brilliant New Yorker cover, “Urban Cycles,” was drawn by Marcellus Hall, a city cyclist for 15 years.


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