Photos: Martone Cycling Co. Launch Party

The Martone Cycling Co. launch in New York City was no ordinary party. Then again, Lorenzo Martone (above right, with fashion designer Marc Jacobs) doesn’t fit the mold of the typical cycling entrepreneur. Martone, whose background is in luxury-brand PR and advertising, and who favors two-wheeled transportation in his travels around the world, founded Martone as a fashion-driven brand.

The vision: A simple, modern city bicycle that occupies what he views as fertile ground¬† between sporty and vintage-style bikes for aesthetically aware urbanites. Among the technical specs, the Sram two-speed duomatic gearing is noteworthy. Certain of the bicycle’s features take their cues from fashion — matching frames and rims in striking hues, red chains that call to mind the soles of Louboutin shoes and clear pedals that may or may not be inspired by glass slippers.

Martone Red Chain

Martone Cycling Co. Launch

The Champagne-flute-wielding crowd who mingled to the beat of a DJ in the elegant environs of the Paramount Hotel in Manhattan last week included, in addition to Mr. Jacobs, Marjorie Gubelmann, Nate Berkus, Brian Atwood and Peter Som. The new bikes, which come in men’s and women’s versions in 4 colors, occupied mezzanine window niches overlooking the hotel lobby — their signature red chains and clear pedals glowing with promise in subtle pools of light.

Silver Martone Bicycle

Martone Launch Party NYC

Martone Cycling Co. launch party

Photos: velojoy

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